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Why we all need therapy…

Everyone has gone through something and if we are honest with ourselves, everyone could use a bit of therapy.  You almost can’t be human without going through something. Mental health therapy provides a way to look at how you live your life to be sure that is actually how you want to be living it. Therapy is the place where you go and clarify your values and beliefs without the sway of outside influence. The question “how does that make you feel?” is often joked about, but when is the last time you asked that of yourself.

There are hundreds of decisions, big or small, that we make every day, but rarely is there a space for consideration, exploration, and support. To participate in therapy is to partake in self-exploration that you have likely not ever attempted. Over time, clarity is often found concerning mental health issues, limiting beliefs, your career choices, and so much more. Additionally, a counselor can help with general life concerns and act as a sounding board without any stake in the game.

Therapy is important for everyone because everything in life requires maintenance. For instance, throughout your life, you go to the dentist regularly to check up on your teeth. In the same way, you should be checking up on your mental health. Unfortunately, unless it’s an extraordinary situation, many people have probably never given your mind, feelings, or thoughts that same level of care or consideration. That is where therapy comes in.

A therapist understands that you can experience a large variety of emotions in one day, and those emotions impact our physical bodies, reactions, behaviors, and choices. Having a place to examine all of these factors and understand how they all come together is extremely important. Therapy is an incredible opportunity to learn from everything you have gone through and not put yourself through more.

Research has shown that participating in therapy can contribute to increased self-respect, productivity, and communication in all sections of participants’ lives. No matter what you find yourself going through, having the help of a therapist can open up opportunities and possibilities you didn’t know were available to you.

Besides gaining emotional awareness, the number of reasons people participate in therapy is endless. Your mental health situation is particular to you, and you are a unique person, so there isn’t one answer to this question. Additionally, it’s important to note that therapy is not only when you’re going through a tough time—it’s beneficial at all times, even when things are going well in life. There is this misconception that seeking the help of a mental health professional makes you weak or incapable of handling yourself or your life. No matter who you are or where you are from, we all have some force in our life that pushes this narrative.

Those who participate in therapy often have an advantage in life because they have information regarding the behavioral patterns that dictate their behavior. They learn new skills and identify possibilities for their future and unblock emotions which generally brings them a new awareness of themselves and a whole bunch of relief. With this information, they can navigate personal and professional situations with more energy and less emotional turmoil, and they may even get what they require out of those situations. Whether in your career, your relationships, or within yourself, we all have work to do. But if you don’t have the tools, it’s very easy to become trapped in our patterns and limiting beliefs. Allowing yourself the freedom and expression involved in a session of counseling is something that everyone should do.

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